Catching the Light

by Joel Guptill

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released January 13, 2017

I would like to thank everyone who has helped shape and support me along my journey to become the person I am today. Special thanks to my parents for their continued support and love; Dr. David Smith, Mark Theissen, and Cory Doiron for being a support and safe place throughout my faith journey; Joshua Harris for creative input and artistic design; and God for His patience and love as I seek understanding.



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Joel Guptill Rapid City, South Dakota

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Track Name: Alone
A lonely heart
A lonely soul
Lonely is the man who doesn't know

The risk to love
The risk to dream
Seems like this is everything to me

I, I don't want to be alone
I, I can't leave the dream alone

The hope to live
The chance to die
Heartbreak is the man who never tried

Fear holds
A timid heart
Fear knows me like shadows know the dark

Some things I just don't understand
Somehow they must go hand in hand
But then again do I even know
Oohh, I know I know
That lonely souls aren't
Dreaming, loving
Hoping, living
Only dying, no

I, I don't want to dream alone
Track Name: Autumn Love
Blue skies all around
Sun rays tumble down
Fall leaves hit the ground
The perfect day to spend with you
Darling make my dreams come true

River running free
You, me, it’s what we’ll be
Lost in the flow of things
My heart it falls for you
Tell me you say mine too

Worries from yesterdays and tomorrows too
Fall out of my mind

Look how the birds they sing
Beauty is what they bring
To my time with you
My heart it falls for you
Tell me you say mind too

Fresh smell of autumn leaves
Won’t you come sit with me
We'll gaze at horizon's line
I'll watch the sunset fall with you
Scarlet red til midnight blue
Wishing that forever would hold the moonlight
Never want to say goodnight
I never want to say goodnight
Track Name: Shadow Man
We all reap in harvest what we sow
Whether good or bad sometimes I don’t know
But there’s some things I’ll always fail on my own
You say “child, won’t you come back home”

Some find darkness running far from You
Some find darkness in Your living room
Oh may my darkness never hold me from Your light
May Your light shine brighter on my darkest night

Sunlight burn away the shadows
Sunlight burn away the dark
This shadow man cannot go alone any longer

A good man dies for someone that he knows
A really good one dies for some unknown
But here’s a man the darkest parts of me He knows
His fate brought death to all I owe
My resurrection's what He sowed

Haughty blood coursing through my veins
In the brothers tale I would be the Cain
Even as I pen these lines my pride grows deep within
Jesus save me from my shadow sins
Oh won’t you save us from our shadow sins
Track Name: Ghosts
I live a lie carry a bag of bones
All the thoughts are running wild
I just don't know

Fool me once oh how he fools me twice
The Devil speaks into my soul
Don’t I know

Am I chasing ghosts?
Oh does the apparition live in me?
Am I chasing ghosts?
Does the Devil got his sights on me

Heavy hand upon a dreaming heart
Heavy hand to lead astray
Our drifting souls

I walk the line between a pure desire
Weighted by this bag of bones
A shadow hope

Catching the light of the morning
Track Name: Now I Know
I was a shadowed soul
And I set out to water a rose
Had I known, my shadows

Oh how it wanted to grow
Yea I wanted it too
But the shadows crept through
Oh my shadows

Ain’t it funny, when we look back
On all the things that we’ve done
And how we see them now

I don’t want to see you go
I don’t want to move on no
I wish I could take back time

I longed to love but threw stones
I didn’t realize the poison in my bones
Oh how I threw, my shadows on you
My shadows

You were an east autumn breeze
Yea you were the rolling tides on a cool summer night
The falling sun over waters deep
And its rising on the coming dawn

So I can tell you that you are the one that I want
And I’m sorry that my shadow weeds are what you got
I’m sorry that you never knew, how I really feel about you, oh
Now I know
Track Name: Young I Will Be
When I was young
Each day a song
No worries ever plagued me
When I was young

Lost in the flow
Of Life’s melody
Created to be free
When we were young

Now that we’re old
Sin's tale is told
We're bound by fear and worry
Now that we’re old

Fear shares her heart
Right from the start
She was out to shame me
Right from the start

Oh how I long
For Life’s freedom song
Come and free my soul
Oh how I’m old

Young I will be
Life mystery
I'm dying but I’m younger
Young I will be